FoMu is fo’ you, fo’ me and fo’ everyone

FoMu (pronounced “faux moo”) strives to be as inclusive as possible with their variety of ice cream flavors, beverages and baked goods. While they are vegan, they choose to advertise it as “alternative ice cream” so not to scare customers away who may shy away from a plant based label, according to Diana Jeronimo, an employee at the South End location on 655 Tremont St.

“[Customers] are more likely to come in and ask what alternative ice-cream means. We offer free sampleS of any flavors so when people taste it they are usually surprised it is vegan or diary free,” Jeronimo said.

FoMu’s South End location is very spacious with natural light.
FoMu’s South End location offers various seating locations and natural light.

While it is an ice cream shop, FoMu also offers other options like a wide array of beverages (coffee, teas) and baked goods.

Magic Bar & chili tea








“The company was started about five years ago with the idea to be an ice cream shop but it is moving into more of a café experience,” Jeronimo said. “We are trying to showcase our coffees, teas and bakes good more on our social media so people know we also offer those options.”

As with their ice cream, all of FoMu’s menu options are allergen friendly, making it a point that they do not just have one demographic in mind as their target – they are inclusive to all, according to Jeronimo who is vegan.

“All our items are made of natural and organic ingredients. It is all dairy-free, which in itself is healthier since it is easier for the body to digest,” Jeronimo said. “It is great because we are a dessert shop that strives to be allergen friendly to all. We have options for everyone so if you are celiac, allergic to nuts, gluten free, we try to have something available for everyone that is always delicious.”

Working hard, eating well.

I am not vegan but have been going to FoMu for their ice cream when I want a) different flavors – they offer an avocado flavor as well as lavender b) feel healthier.  I enjoy their variety of flavors of ice cream as well as baked goods and recently have also enjoyed their tea selection as I do not like coffee. I also have found it to be a relaxing place to get some work done since their South End location offers a wide space of seating available.

Ice cream is a must

I spent about 4 hours doing work this past weekend since they offer a relaxing ambiance through their music, local artwork, interior design and also offer free wifi. I bought a baked good (their magic bars – made with coconut dulce de leche, dark chocolate chips, toasty coconut and pecans on an oat crust) for $3.95, which I totally recommend and their chili tea for $1.95. Ice cream sizes range from small to large, prices from $3.75 to $5.60; pints are $6.95. It is handicapped-accessible and the closest T stops are Mass Ave or Back Bay on the Orange line, it is just in the middle between those two stops.

FoMu currently has three locations in Boston, all with a different ambience but with the same goal to be inclusive to everyone. According to Jeronimo, their South End location is currently their largest space.

“Each crowd differs for each location and is custom to that neighborhood. JP is quaint and small. Allston is more a punk and hardcore Vegan vibe. South End is more family oriented,” Jeronimo said, who after working at the South End location for two years will become manager at the Newbury location scheduled to open in mid April.

2 o’ clock customer rush.
South End location hours:
Sunday – Thursday: 12-10PM
Friday – Saturday: 12-11PM
Phone number: (617) 982-7955

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