Final project

As this class is coming to an end, I really want to focus on art activism in Boston for my final project. I feel that there are a lot of different events and organizations that connect to that topic but not sure if it would make up a cohesive topic.

I am very interested in an MFA event called Political Intent  which “explores how artists creatively visualize social issues to generate awareness, discourse, or action. ” I would want to incorporate this into my story. For my magazine writing class I am profiling an artist who is an immigrant from Mexico and creates art based around his life and different political topics he is interested in. He is part of Boston Artists in Residence. I think he could be interesting for my story of lead me to an interesting topic.

I am also interested in the public art at Northeastern as well as in Boston, especially in immigrant neighborhoods like Jamaica Plain and Roxbury. I feel that this aspect would be visually engaging for the story but for video and photography.

I have a feeling there is a lot of interesting topics in Boston currently going on regarding art activism and politics but I am not sure how to create a cohesive topic as a vehicle for my story.


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