My daily resource; The Art Newspaper

The Art Newspaper is exactly what it sounds like. A newspaper surrounding news on the art world. It is an online and paper publication founded in 1990 and based in London and New York as the first paper in Umberto Allemandi’s publishing network started in 1983 in Turin. It provides a news service about the art world, fed by its network of sister editions, which together have around 50 correspondents working in over 30 countries, with editorial offices in London, Turin, New York, Paris, Moscow, Beijing and Athens. The Art Newspaper covers news and developments in law, tax, and the political and economic spheres of cultural policy.

I read it for exactly that. More specifically with a radar for my beat – art and politics/art activism. It is a really great source for news on the art world of a variety of subjects with really interesting articles about art news all around the world. That is what I like best, it features international art news, while other sources that may be its competition like Artnet News covers only on American/English art news and force the readers to go to their sister international websites like for international art news, in this case French art news. One thing I think The Art Newspaper could do better, maybe it is just me since it is my beat, but they could be better at sub categories. I need to do a lot of headline research to find articles which are about art and politics. Artnet News actually has its own category for politics underneath their Art World tab. When I am able to find news on art and politics it is good articles at least.

I also don’t like that they don’t allow for comments from what I have seen. There is no outlet for comments by readers which does not allow for dialogue which I also find interesting to see. It does however have a good presence on Facebook and Twitter which does allow for readership communication. It also has a comment section which includes blogs as a sub category – I am still unsure who can actually submit to these comment/blogs but they do have a more personal storytelling rather than just hard news.

Other than that I think their visual concept and website design is good in terms of the variety of categories that they do include for example special reports and shows & events. Looking at their statistics on similar web they do get a lot of traffic, especially from USA and the UK, and exceed their competitors in all regards. Again, I think it goes back to the same reason I choose to read it more than the other outlets, their variety of international content. They feature a lot of different art news from different countries all with different and similar subjects. It is a very well rounded resource when looking into the news about the art world.


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