Boston rallies against immigration ban in Copley Square

Live tweeting is a bit of an art. You have to know what is relevant for the event you are reporting on. I had done live tweeting in the past before but usually just when I was reporting sport events and I feel that those are quite easy to tweet as you can report on line ups, the current score, goals made and by who and keep the audience updated on the game every few minutes. This weekend I attended the rally at Copley Square to demonstrate against President Trump’s immigration order. Here are my live tweets of the demonstration.

I did struggle at times in live tweeting as I wanted to keep all my tweets accurate and timely, as a good journalist would. While I was trying to get one tweet out, new events would occur around me that I would scramble to try to tweet in time, especially if I wanted media to go along with it. In the end it was a lot of fun as it encouraged me to talk to the people around me at the rally, for example the man with the food stand or people with interesting signs. Another thing I did which I feel adds to live tweeting is also retweeting posts from people around you at the rally. I retweeted a post from Mayor Mary Walsh and another from Boston Tweet, who is well known around Boston for his local news posts. This added to my feed as they are both locally known, in different ways, but both attended and tweeted out.

The main problem I ran into was having very bad signal since everyone was socially active but at least it was better than not having any signal at all like at the Women’s March. In the end the tweets would queue up but they wouldn’t be as timely as I had hoped so since they would upload a few minutes after the event occurred. I believe that it is a problem that all citizen journalists and live tweeters come across so it was good that I experienced it as well and managed to over come it as best as possible.


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