Tweet Tweet

Twitter is a very useful tool for journalists and usually my only use for it is scrolling down the news and retweeting interesting articles or tweeting articles I have written. This semester I will be using more as a way to stay on top of news for my beat, art activism.

Here are the Twitter feeds, which I plan to read everyday, including art activists who use twitter often.

@OBEYGIANT: This is Shepard Fairey’s twitter feed, he is a very active artist and will usually tweet out news about art and his own, for example how to acquire his posters for last weekend, for the inauguration and the Women’s March.

@ArtActivismCCC: Art+Activism fosters an environment in which artists collaborate and use their art to educate and instigate change.

@artofactivism: This is an account by Will McCallum, lead oceans team   creative activism  and co-founder .

@TheGarrard: Twitter account by Chris Gerrard, a Composer, campaigner and performer – for art, activism and ethics.

@aiww and @aiwwenglish: This is ai wei wei’s personal twitter account. He is a famous activist artist.

@AFHBoston: Artists For Humanity’s twitter account, who are based in Boston and work to employ and mentor under-served Boston teens in art and design. This twitter feed is a good way to keep the art news local.

 @wendymac: Artist and graphic journalist’s twitter feed based on latest work, thoughts on business, and current news in the art world.

@artnet: Twitter feed that follows art news around the world. While staying local I also like to read up on news around the world.

@JRart: Twitter feed by famous french street artist. Locally known for his mural on the John Hancock tower in 2015.


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