Future of news

While this post/topic is not along the lines of art activism, it is about journalism and news and therefore is relevant to my blog since that is what I am pursuing a career in, and also it is assigned for my class: Digital Storytelling and Social Media.

The future of news has always been and will always a debatable topic full of hypothesis and ever changing ideas. In class we looked at three instances of ideas relating to the future of the news in different time periods. The three videos we looked at were 1. 1981 primitive internet report, 2. tablet newspaper (1994)  and 3. Epic 2015. They all had some facts which parallel to the reality of the digital world now including:

  • we will receive all our news digitally, through tablets, phones and computers
  • multimedia and being able to interact with the media will be an important aspect of the digital news
  • the internet will gather personal information based on your recent views, buys and what your friends and coworkers read to tailer the news and ads that appear on your news.
  • this news will be received through portable wifi
  • our lives can be live broadcasted to all our friends – for example Facebook LIVE and snapchat, taking into account your GPS
  • in order to receive the news you will need a subscription

It was very interesting to see the evolving time lapse the Epic 2015 video included as well as in the 1981 primitive internet report video it was very interesting to see how earlier in order to send the data of the news to the public’s home computers it was done by dailing a phone number.

What Epic 2015 video got very wrong was how they mentioned “the press as we know it will cease to exist”. Obviously that is wrong because the press still exists and while people say that print will cease to exist, I believe that the digital press will not only exist but will continue to be necessary.

Featured image: NS Newsflash/Flickr (Creative Commons)


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