A Fresh Start

I have had a few blogs in the past as a way to continue my writing more freely but no one of them have really had a continuation, mainly I believe because they did not have a beat.

This is new blog, which comes with the incentive of being graded as part of my class: Digital Storytelling and Social Media, will be looking at art as an outlet for advocacy and social issues. I was raised in different countries beginning at the age of four after we moved from Mexico and since then I have had an undeniable passion for traveling and exploring new cultures. I believe that art is a culturally significant platform. Through my travels art, which I will focus as to street art, murals, photojournalism but not limited to, became a point of interest for me.

It seems that the news locally, nationally and internationally are never ending in regards to social issues and I believe art is a major way to advocate for these issues for example poverty, sexual harassment, violence, racism and so on. I will be examining different art that I see as powerful, either through the news, online, or personally and will be focusing on how effective it is in getting a message across.

I get the majority of my news from Twitter and will rely on research online but a lot of posts will also come from personal knowledge of art in the past or even presently around me.

Here is a list of other sites and even blogs I hope to follow the most:

The Art Newspaper:

Lime Shift:

Arts Freedom:

Artnet News:


Featured image: Redbubble design


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